DITA Content Strategy

Effective content brings your business goals and your audience's goals together. Content quality, not quantity, is the key to effective, affordable content that drives business results. Technology is only part of the solution, building an effective team to implement your DITA content strategy is the key to success.

We work with some of the most experienced DITA practitioners in the business, to bring you the very best results for all facets of your DITA implementation.

DITA Support

Our training is top notch, because unlike consultants offering generic DITA courses, we focus on using the components of your solution with your content.

  • Training for popular DITA authoring tools
  • Stylesheet customization
  • Content conversion
  • Project management
  • Information model development

We have been leading successful DITA adoptions since 2006, and have a strong track record of successful, workable solutions.

CCMS Implementation

G. Emerson Consulting, Inc. offers full solution architecture support, working with your authoring & IT groups and other stakeholders to ensure successful adoption.

Our training and professional coaching for CMS users and administrators is second to none.