“Glenn is an excellent trainer. He helped us implement a DITA CCMS system in our company. He has worked as a tech writer, so he understood what we were doing and what we wanted. He is very knowledgeable about DITA and XML and worked very patiently with us. We could not have been successful without his help. I highly recommend him and would work with him in the future.”
Bob Garber, Lead Senior Technical Writer at Cybex International

“Glenn is a skilled and versatile consultant and a veteran in the industry. He proved this to me in his technical review of the DITA Metrics 101 book. Glenn gave amazing advice and feedback which he backed up with real world experience. His contributions greatly enhanced the book. I recommend you take advantage of Glenn’s white papers which also prove his role as a thought leader in the industry.”
Mark Lewis, Content Strategist, DITA Educator at Quark

“Glenn was hired as a consultant during our company’s transition to authoring documentation in a structured format using a content management system. He provided custom training for authoring in a structured writing environment and using the content management system. He did an excellent job performing these tasks and provided thorough explanations to questions our group had.”
Gary Secor, Technical Writer at Gleason Works

“Glenn assisted our company in moving to an XML-based authoring system. He listened to our challenges and provided expertise in how to solve those problems in the DITA world. He is very personable and is a great listener.”
Julie Walker, Technical Communications Manager at Micro Motion, Inc.

“I first met Glen at a DITA conference, where he was talking about his experiences implementing DITA at Xerox. His presentation was a highlight of the conference for me. The presentation was light on the sales pitch (I already know the benefits of DITA/XML) and heavy on the practical experience of trying to merge new technology and legacy content and the stops and starts of a real project. An excellent presentation.”
Steve Manning, Content Management/DITA Expert

“Glenn is a very knowledgeable person. He has the ability to take complex concepts and break them down for the lay person to understand. He is energetic and willing to take on challenging tasks head on. He is a pleasure to work with.”
Jeff Engle, Solutions Architect at Xerox and Information Technology and Services Consultant

“Glenn is incredibly talented and adept at applying technology solutions to business needs. He has the vision to see how business processes can be transformed to create more consistent, higher quality, and more profitable outputs. Glenn leads by example and is a tireless evangelist for process improvements through technology.”
Mike Rice, Information Architect at Xerox Corporation

“Glenn is a highly experienced and talented content management specialist. He customizes solutions and incorporates the current best practices in his field. He stays current with industry trends. I had the opportunity to see Glenn in action, providing a comprehensive recommendation to a client that addressed the challenges they were facing with content management and, specifically, content re-use. Glenn’s talents enable him to produce effective solutions for clients in any industry, and he would be a valuable asset to any client seeking a more effective documentation processes.”
Anne Ersfeld, Operations and Client Support, Discover Yourself, Inc.